Fides Oro: Best Of Annuals

During the annual flower trial garden at Colorado State University Grand Idols Purple from Fides Oro was the winner of the Best Geranium (Ivy). Each year, the annual trial consists of over 1.000 different cultivars of annual bedding plants. Varieties are grouped by genus, arranged by color and grown in rows, side-by-side, so as to facilitate the comparison of similar varieties. Because of its prolific, bright flowers which combined nicely with the full plants and uniform growth habit of Grand Idols Purple the jury was very enthusiastic about this variety.

This variety was not the only winner. Four other varieties produced by Fides Oro were announced as winners.

Best Petunia (veg-mini) – Littletunia Blue Vein
This plant was characterized by prolific flowers that had attractive dark veins streaking through the petal. Plants were exceptionally vigorous and enveloped the container to create a “ball made of flowers”.

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