On Valentines, Men Splash Out More On Wives Than Mums

LONDON — MEN spend a whopping 50% more on their loved one on Valentine’s Day
than they do on their mum on Mother’s Day, a shock survey has revealed.

The research by leading UK-based online retailer Serenata Flowers has confirmed
the old adage that: “A son is a son until he meets a wife, but a daughter’s a
daughter for the rest of her life.”

The London-based firm unveiled the statistics after analysing sales figures from
Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day during previous years.

Managing Director Peter Ahl said: “We examined our purchase statistics and were
quite surprised how much more men are prepared to spend on their girlfriend,
wife or partner compared to their mum.

“We thought the figure might be a little higher – maybe around 10% or 20% more –
but 50% more is quite a shock.

“Maybe there aren’t as many mummy’s boys out there as there used to be. But at
the same time it does show that most men are willing to push the boat out at
Valentine’s Day. It also confirms the old saying about a son being a son until
he meets a wife.”

Serenata is an independent online London flower delivery retailer, sending
flowers across the capital and the rest of the UK six days a week.

The online florist also has two sister sites specialising in online wine and
chocolate delivery – SerenataWines.com and SerenataChocolates.com – and its
businesses are gearing up for one of their busiest few weeks of the year in the
run-up to Valentine’s Day on February 14 and then Mother’s Day on March 14.

Serenata Flowers is expecting its best-selling Valentine’s Day product to fit
with tradition – a dozen red roses. It is offering the old romantic favourite
for a special offer price of 29.99 pounds Sterling. It is also expecting sales
to bloom of its Cross My Heart bouquet (49.99 pounds), which includes a dozen
red roses and a mix of other valentine flowers.

Serenata can deliver free at any time of the day, and includes an “avoid the
school run” delivery slot. The company also delivers on Saturday mornings.


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