Post-Harvest Expert George Staby Announces Tailormade Workshops

MIAMI – George Staby, president of the Perishables Research Organization PRO
and owner and operator of the Chain of Life Network website has announced that
despite having reached retirement age, his personality is not allowing him to
enter the life of pickle ball and golf. As Staby needs the excitement
interacting with floral industry members. Hence, the reason for the low cost
workshops he is now offering to the floral industry.

Just about any subject can be covered in the workshops that influences the
quality of floral crops and thereby consumer satisfaction and profits for floral
businesses. A sampling of possible topics includes production factors (light,
fertilizers, species, cultivars, growing media, etc.), ethylene control, flower
food usage, water quality, transportation modes, temperature and relative
humidity, precooling, flower color, disease identification and control, growing
container design, growing media, bunching, packaging, flower design, dry verses
wet storage, and flower/plant processing.

Each workshop will be designed for the specific audience and time allotment
based on discussions with the workshop providers. It is highly recommended that
at least a two-hour program be utilized with three to four hour or longer
programs being even better in order that the topics can be properly covered. One
or two day programs are also possible and even desirable for certain audiences,
says Staby.

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