Sun Valley Group: What Happens When Spring Gets Super Fancy

It's that time of year again! Springtime has arrived and is getting all dressed up in its seasonal best. Trees, shrubs, and plants are showing off their colors everywhere, and even our tulips are getting Super Fancy.

You may remember the celebrated variety of Ice Cream Tulips which made their Sun Valley debut around this time last year.  We sold out almost immediately. Though we are producing more bunches this season (and adding more varieties, to boot), their ever-increasing popularity is making these sweet visual treats disappear as quickly as you can murmur, "Wow."

Ice Cream Tulips are a very special Super Fancy variety, which growers and breeders know as DLTs, or double late tulips.  The "double" refers to the layers of white petals inside which slowly extend above outer pink petals, and eventually completely open to show off its full splendor.  Because of the sheer volume of petals, DLTs are also referred to as "peony tulips."

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