We Built It, They Came

The American Grown branding campaign is one of the most successful flower marketing campaigns in recent history. In just a few short years, this campaign has become part and parcel of nearly every wholesale cooler, and every super market floral department in the country.

Sun Valley has been a supporter of this initiative since day one. Recently I have actually found myself taking this campaign for granted, not truly appreciating the power of this outreach effort. However, last week I visited a large mass market super market and was stopped in my tracks by a huge island of Certified American Grown labeled flowers.

It was an impressive display, showing the breath of flowers grown not only by big farms like Sun Valley, but by smaller farms with a regional distribution. The vibrant selection of blooms was all tied together with the iconic American grown logo. It was an epiphany moment for me. To garner this premier placement in the store, demand must be accelerating, and now snowballing its way through floral departments across the country.

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