2020: Consumer’s Holiday Mindset Amid a Pandemic

The holiday season is in the not so distant future. This time of year, shopping begins to ramp up and gatherings are top of mind, but with a year like no other, how will COVID-19 impact the holiday spirit? In an effort to understand this better the National Cattleman’s Beef Association, on behalf of the Beef Checkoff, launched a consumer survey with over 1,000 consumers to better understand how the 2020 holiday season may be different than any other year1

Even now, a majority of consumers are avoiding activities that results in many people in one place like going to the movies, travel, gyms, and even going out to eat—whether they are sitting inside or outside at a restaurant. As winter approaches, many consumers are showing at least some level of worry with these same activities. In addition, consumers are worried about larger gatherings and shopping in stores during the holidays. 

Obviously, the reason things are changing and what drives the level of worry is COVID-19 related fears and concerns. With everything on consumer’s minds as the holidays approach, it probably is not too surprising to hear that consumers have a variety of emotions. The majority of consumers surveyed had a mix of positive and negative emotions about this year’s holiday season. Consumers expressed they were both hopeful, excited, and grateful, while also expressing they are stressed, anxious, and even worried as the holidays approach. 

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