5 Tips To Connect With Meat Consumers

The ice cream drips have dried to the picnic table, the swimming pools are calm and flat, and the campground fires where s’mores were made and stories were told have all been put out – and just like that, summer is over. A chorus of groaning kids knows exactly what time of year it is: it’s back to school season.

With this transition comes a new set of challenges as busy parents adjust their schedules to accommodate school drop-offs, after-school activities and nightly homework. Meals and grocery shopping will also be squeezed into this tight schedule, so let’s explore what retailers and brands should keep in mind to capture the attention of harried parents.

  1. Make it easier to prioritize family time

Schedules get crazy. You are in a unique position to inspire busy families to take a moment to sit down and enjoy a meal together. Help parents reduce meal prep by providing options that cut out steps or can be used in multiple meals throughout the week. Consider various options that offer convenience. For the mom with little ones, convenience may look like meal kits, ready to go with all the ingredients in one package. For the dad running kids back and forth to practice, convenience may look like a pre-seasoned or marinated item that they can toss on the grill. For the parent who loves to cook but doesn’t have time, it may be a pre-sliced product that makes a meal come together in minutes.

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