Beef Loving Texans Crowns 2023 Ultimate Beef Loving Texan Winner

AUSTIN, Texas — Chef Johnny Stewart, Lytle-based chef and culinary teacher, has been crowned the winner of the inaugural Ultimate Beef Loving Texan Showdown, presented by Beef Loving Texans. The contest featured a head-to-head cookoff with Houston-based food and lifestyle influencer, Danielle Dubois, where each contestant showcased their unique craft and culinary imagination.

Prior to the cookoff, Stewart and Dubois were selected as finalists by public vote during a 10-day contest which saw six pit masters, chefs, foodies and home cooks embodying the true flavors of Texas prepare original recipes from classic Texas favorites to innovative new twists with beef as the star ingredient.

As the new Ultimate Beef Loving Texan, Stewart will embark on a 12-month partnership with Beef Loving Texans, where he will continue to share his passion for cooking with beef through new recipes released each month. Fans are encouraged to try Stewart’s recipes at home and share their culinary creations across social media by using #BeefLovingTexans.

“Johnny’s journey through the competition was a powerful testament to his culinary prowess, ingenuity, and love for cooking with beef. His winning dishes were not only a celebration of Texas’ rich culinary heritage but were also a clear statement of his commitment to innovation in the kitchen,” said Rachel Chou, Director of Consumer Marketing for Beef Loving Texans. “As the newly crowned Ultimate Beef Loving Texan, Stewart’s enthusiasm will be a driving force as we set out to celebrate beef-loving Texans everywhere. We can’t wait for our community to see what he has cooking and be inspired to share their creativity.”

Ahead of the holidays, Stewart has developed a Pepper-Crusted Tri Tip Roast, adding a Texas twist as his first recipe. Beef lovers can find this recipe and catch all the action from the Ultimate Beef Loving Texan Showdown, by visiting or sharing their own culinary creations across social media by using #BeefLovingTexans.

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