Beltex Goes Kosher With Beef Processing

Only in Fort Worth.

If an Orthodox rabbi hadn't been injured at the Beltex packing plant on the north side last month, we might never have learned that the former horse slaughterhouse that already did a roaring business in wild pig, bison and ostrich now also processes kosher beef.

Beltex's Frontier Meats operation contracts with Alle Processing Corp. of Maspeth, N.Y., supplying steers to be processed by Big Apple-based ritual slaughterers, known as shochetim, under the supervision of rabbis, including him, said Rabbi Dov Mandel, co-director with his wife of the Orthodox Lubavitch movement's Chabad House in Fort Worth. Mandel said that while an initial report said a worker's arm had been amputated, the injured man is a rabbi whose arm was broken, not severed.

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