CS Beef Packers To Use $1M Workforce Grant To Hire, Train 701 Workers

CS Beef Packers will use a $1,099,935 Workforce Development Training Fund grant to hire and train 701 new workers for permanent full-time positions at its Kuna facilities.

Positions to be trained include production workers, drivers, safety technicians and supervisors, and will pay an average wage of $17.28 per hour plus employer assisted medical benefits.

Training will focus on food processing safety, OSHA standards and meat master equipment training.

CS Beef Packers offers a number of meat processing services including packing, rendering and tanning hides.

The Idaho Workforce Development Training Fund was started in 1996 and is administered by the Idaho Department of Labor. Grant funds are used to reimburse businesses for the cost of training new workers or retraining existing workers with skills necessary for specific economic opportunities and industrial expansion initiatives.

Eligible businesses must produce a product or service sold outside the region, and the jobs must pay at least $12 an hour and include employer-assisted health insurance. The fund is financed by a 3 percent set-aside of the unemployment insurance taxes paid by businesses each year. Learn more about the Idaho Workforce Development Training Fund at labor.idaho.gov/WDTF.

Source: Idaho Department of Labor