Demand For Bargain Pork Far Exceeds FreshCo. Expectations

A spokesman for FreshCo., the discount grocery store owned by Sobeys, says demand for its bargain-priced fresh pork shoulder picnic roast at just $1 a pound ($2.20/kg) exceeded expectations, to the extent some shoppers have complained for days they couldn’t find any in their local store.

This is the second week the pork — a popular cut ideally suited for summertime smoking on the barbecue — has been offered at the low, low price. However, shortages of the product have dogged the retailer since early this month. At the Bells Corners location, for example, none was available within hours after the sale initially began on May 3, and the product was again no where to be found the second week it was offered, this time on the morning of May 11.

Another shopper reports being unable to find the sale pork at the Bank Street and Findlay Creek Drive location.

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