Paul Downes Named New Mountaire President

Mountaire Farms Inc. has named a new chief executive officer. Ronald M. Cameron, chairman of Mountaire Corporation, has named Paul Downes president and CEO of Mountaire Farms Inc.

Beef Bacon Adds Value To Trim Meat

The president of Calgary-based Canadian Beef Bacon, which also markets beef ham, says his product adds to the animal’s total carcass value.

Demand Soaring For Hot Dogs, Exotic Sausages

This summer, expect back yards and restaurants to pay homage to the hot dog — which is overtaking burgers as the next big comfort food, according to menu trends expert Nancy Kruse. In a report released last month at an industry trade show, Kruse said sausages are making a comeback thanks, in part, to food trucks that showcase specialty links on their menus.

Sodexo Has A Beef With Food Certification Programs

According to Margaret Henry, director of sustainability and corporate social responsibility performance for food service giant Sodexo, keeping up with the 365 certifications out there is a big pain in the neck. So she's trying to find a solution.

Aramark To Take Over Food Service At Cleveland Clinic Hospitals

Patients, visitors and employees eating at Cleveland Clinic hospitals will see more fresh food and new choices in the cafeteria, on patient trays and in vending machines sometime after July 1.