EVOL Burritos Commits To Niman Ranch Humanely Raised Meats

Boulder, CO — EVOL Burritos, Boulder-based maker of made-from-scratch
natural and organic frozen burritos, announced it will now source all its beef
and pork from Niman Ranch, a 30-year industry leader in humane and sustainable
livestock practices. EVOL already sources free-range poultry from Petaluma
Poultry and cage-free eggs from Colorado-based Nest Fresh Eggs.

EVOL Burritos is a perfect fit for Niman, said Jeff Tripician, chief marketing
officer and executive vice president of Niman Ranch. We share core values about
animal care and environmental preservation. And we share a mission both Niman
and EVOL are driven by a passion to produce exceptional food that consumers can
feel good about eating.

EVOLs insistence on sustainably and humanely raised meats ushers in a new
standard in the freezer case. EVOL Burritos believes that quality and integrity
are equally important ingredients. By partnering with Niman Ranch, EVOL is
choosing to support the industry gold standard for humane animal care.

All of Niman Ranch’s livestock are raised outdoors on pastures and/or in deeply
bedded pens that allow the animals to act on their instinctive behaviors. Niman
Ranch never administers added hormones or antibiotics, and all animals are fed a
100 percent vegetarian diet.

“Using sustainably raised proteins is one of the best things we can do for our
health, for the welfare of animals and for the environment,” said chief
operating officer and EVOL Burrito founder Philip Anson. “As a manufacturer, I
believe were accountable to both consumers and the planet. I want EVOL to be
part of a food solution nutritious, delicious, sustainable and affordable.

Sourcing from Niman Ranch and other sustainable sources benefits the environment
and family farms. Niman Ranch uses alternative energy sources and conducts crop
rotation, an important practice in preventing soil depletion and soil erosion.
Nimans traditional farming methods produce little odor, and the presence of
fewer animals on the farm helps preserve the water supply and sustain the land
for the future.

EVOLs diverse burrito lineup ranges from the extra meaty, protein-packed
Shredded Beef to the 70 percent organic, vegan Veggie Fajita. EVOL Burritos are
distributed nationally through key retailers including Whole Foods Market,
Wegmans, King Soopers, Stop & Shop, Food Emporium, Jewel-Osco, Gelson’s, QFC and
The Fresh Market. Suggested retail price: $2.69 for 6-ounce burritos and $2.99
for 8-ounce burritos.

About EVOL:

EVOL (ee-vuhl) Burritos, based in Boulder, Colo., is changing the way the world
thinks about frozen burritos. Phil Anson, COO, chef and founder, is very choosy
about what goes into his 11 varieties of hand-rolled burritos: antibiotic-free
chicken, pork, beef and chorizo sausage; cage-free eggs; traditionally made
tortillas; herb-roasted skin-on potatoes; house-made green chil and salsas; and
numerous local and organic ingredients. Theres a lot to LOVE about EVOL.
Produced by Phils Fresh Foods LLC, EVOL burritos are available at stores
nationwide. You better believe this is all-natural, made-from-scratch
deliciousness. www.evolburritos.com

About Niman Ranch:

Niman Ranch is a network of more than 600 independent U.S. family farmers and
ranchers who practice the highest standards of animal husbandry and
environmental stewardship to deliver the finest-tasting meats in the world.
Niman Ranch fresh meats and meat products are available at fine restaurants and
select grocery stores. The companys full line of products, including seasonal
and other specialty items not sold in stores, is available through Niman Ranchs
online store at www.nimanranch.com

Source: EVOL