Wada Farms Improves Pallet Quality, Consistency With CHEP

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Wada Farms, one of Idahos leading potato, onion and sweet potato grower/shippers, today announced the expansion of its relationship with CHEP for pallet pooling services. The company transports Dole and Wada Farms brand potatoes and onions on CHEP pallets from the companys facilities to supermarkets, mass market retailers and club stores across the USA. Wada Farms previously used limited-use whitewood pallets to ship product, but experienced productivity and quality issues. In addition, the companys customers requested the use of the CHEP pallet program to improve supply chain efficiencies.

“By using the CHEP program, Wada Farms is seeing significant improvements in our operating efficiencies, from our packing operation to our customers facilities around the country. It is also important that CHEP helps us meet our sustainability goals, said Kip Yeates, Vice President of Operations at Wada Farms.
Based on third-party Life-Cycle Inventory Analysis findings, through its use of the CHEP pooling system as opposed to limited-use whitewood pallets, Wada Farms is reducing solid waste generation by nearly 400 tons each year, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by 58 percent and saving enough energy to power more than 65 homes with electricity for a year.*

We appreciate the opportunity to work with Wada Farms by providing high quality pallets that help drive productivity and sustainability improvements at the company. CHEP is committed to ensuring that value is delivered to Wada Farms and all of our partners everyday, 365 days a year, said Tim Smith, Vice President of Business Development, CHEP USA.

*Savings based on Life-Cycle Inventory Analysis of CHEP USA pallet pooling program conducted by Franklin Associates. The calculation is based on Franklin Associates, “Solid Waste Analysis And Life Cycle Inventory Of Pallet Systems”, 2006 Update.

Source: CHEP