Impossible Foods Will Attempt the Impossible: a ‘World-Class’ Meatless Steak

A leader in the fake-meat industry has a few tricks up its sleeve for the new year. Impossible Foods — which first created the beef substitute that cooks, chews, and bleeds like meat (but is actually made from potato and wheat protein) — is not only retooling its beef recipe and rolling out non-burger shaped ground beef, but it’s also hoping to conquer what some consider the holy grail of meat dishes: the steak.

In an interview with The Spoonabout the Impossible Burger 2.0, the company’s CEO and founder Pat Brown described plans to make an Impossible version of “whole cuts of beef,” with a goal of creating a sustainable and meat-free “world-class” steak. Brown acknowledges that there’s “huge symbolic value” in steak — and in its mission, Impossible Foods calls attention to the notion of meat as a ritualized food at barbecues, taco Tuesdays, and at ballparks, among other events. “Those moments are special, and we never want them to end,” the mission reads. “But using animals to make meat is a prehistoric and destructive technology.”

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