The Meatless Farm Co Brings Meat-Free Products to Canada With Plant-Based Ground and Burgers Now Available in Three Provinces

TORONTO – The Meatless Farm Co, the plant-based brand helping individuals reduce meat consumption in an environmentally friendly and healthy way, is excited to announce that its meat-free ground and burger products are now available in over 350 grocery, butcher and specialty food stores in Ontario, British Columbia and Newfoundland. The company has partnered with Toronto-based Dolan Foods Inc. to bring the products to the Canadian market, as the distributor’s first non-meat partner.

“We’re excited to continue building on the fantastic adoption we’ve seen in the U.K., Europe, U.A.E. and most recently, the U.S.,” said Morten Toft Bech, Founder, The Meatless Farm Co. “We believe that swapping to plant-based products should be simple and shouldn’t require individuals to compromise on taste or texture. Our products have been recognized globally for their premium taste. Canadians looking to swap out meat for healthy, plant-based alternatives that taste great can now use our products in their everyday favourite home-cooked meals.”

The Meatless Farm products are 100 per cent plant-based and are made using the highest-quality, non-GMO ingredients available. The products are near-indistinguishable in taste and texture from their meat-based counterparts, while being superior in nutritional value. For example, each burger contains 24.7 grams of protein (compared to 24.2 for a meat-based burger of the same size) and 5.1 grams of fibre (compared to less than 0.5 grams in a meat-based product). All products also have fewer calories, fat and saturated fat than their meat counterparts and are gluten-free.

In addition to seeking premium taste and nutritional value, Canadians are increasingly considering environmental impact when choosing ingredients. According to The Meatless Farm Co’s Meatless Consumption Target data1, each Canadian that swaps out just one beef-based meal for a plant-based meal each week will reduce their greenhouse gas contribution by five per cent. If the entire country made the once-weekly swap, Canada could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 million tonnes of CO2 – the equivalent to taking six million cars off the road. This would also reduce agricultural land use by 10 million hectares.

“We have spent over two years perfecting our plant-based recipes to make it easier for individuals to take a break from meat,” noted Kasper Vesth, General Manager, North America, The Meatless Farm Co. “We’re challenging Canadians to swap out one meal each week to plant-based. From meat-eaters trying to reduce their meat intake and parents seeking healthy options for their families, to flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans, we offer products that all Canadians can enjoy in their own kitchen, while feeling good about their positive contribution to the environment.”

The Meatless Farm products are currently sold at grocery, butcher and specialty stores, including select Loblaws, Longo’s and Stong’s Market. The Meatless Farm’s six pack of sausages will be available soon at all stores the product is sold in. All products will come soon to other provinces.

About The Meatless Farm Co

The Meatless Farm Co is a plant-based protein company known for its meat-free burger patties, meatless ground and sausage products. Almost indistinguishable from meat in terms of taste and texture, Meatless Farm’s products are 100 per cent plant-based, gluten-free and made using the highest-quality, non-GMO ingredients available. The company launched in the UK in 2018 and has since expanded into Europe, the US, Canada and the UAE. The company was founded by Morten Toft Bech, after he and his wife discovered the difficulty of preparing quick and easy protein-filled meals for their family, who follow a predominantly plant-based diet.

Target created by Meatless Farm Co. Data provided by Joseph Poore from Poore & Nemecek (2018) Science.