Viral Video Campaign Proves Regenerative Beef is Mother Nature Approved

(SAN ANTONIO, Texas) – Regenerative beef startup Wholesome Meats is changing the food production game and the public is taking notice. With Mother Nature as spokeswoman, their viral video campaign aims to address questions surrounding regenerative agriculture and prove its efficacy in fighting climate change. Since its release less than a week ago, the video has racked up over 245,000 views across Facebook and YouTube combined.

Wholesome Meats Director of Marketing Marc Trevino says the video was a team effort. “We’re not afraid to shake things up, and this concept with Mother Nature was an idea for us to showcase how earth-friendly regenerative agriculture is,” he says. “We believe in full transparency with our products, including having our ranching protocols on our website and never source from parties who do not adhere to those protocols. This video is a less technical way to communicate our philosophy, in a format that the public is clearly loving.”

In the fast-paced video, Mother Nature herself is seen airing her frustrations with humans for forgetting that she, the all-knowing being, created cows and the perfect carbon cycle of nature, also known as regenerative agriculture. Rotational grazing, soil health, and happier livestock are all included in her perfect plan, whereas fake meat created in a lab was most certainly not. Wholesome Meats CEO Kent Wuthrich says the reactions to the videos have been eye-opening. “Most people aren’t aware that regeneratively raised beef is a healthier and more sustainable option than fake meat,” he says. “We’re all going to have to work together to fight climate change, so if we need to use a little sarcasm and humor to help get our message across, we will. Our hope is that people will walk away with a whole new perspective on ranching.”

Wholesome Meats was founded in 2020 by Lew Moorman and Ed Byrne of the San Antonio tech company Scaleworks. The company is pioneering the regenerative agriculture movement, an innovative model that is committed to providing better beef that heals the planet. Ranchers across the country, including just outside San Antonio, are implementing a method of farming that aims to drawdown carbon in the soil, trailblazing a way forward while leaving industrial synthetic meat and feedlot beef in the dust. In a sign that the concept is gaining traction, Wholesome Meats products can currently be found in several restaurants and grocers across Texas, including in Austin, Houston, and Wholesome Meat’s hometown of San Antonio.


About Wholesome Meats

Wholesome Meats is a San Antonio-based beef brand dedicated to accelerating the consumer adoption of regenerative agriculture. Offering the most flavorful and nourishing premium ground beef,

Wholesome Meats simultaneously heals the planet through regenerative grazing practices. These practices rebuild rich topsoil by capturing harmful carbon from the atmosphere, producing a carbon-negative product that is as good for the land as it is for the rancher, cattle, and consumer. For more information, please visit