Zatarain’s Smoked Sausage Partners with @GirlGoneGrilling to Turn Up the Heat

Zatarain’s Smoked Sausage recently partnered with seven grill masters and chefs for a Summer Grilling Influencer Campaign. Recipes from culinary creators ranged from banh mi sausage dogs to jumbo kebab skewers.

Backyard BBQ and grilling enthusiast, Katherine Salom, aka @GirlGoneGrilling , isn’t a newbie when it comes to grilling recipes and tasty eats. For this grilling season she created a quick and easy Cajun sausage and shrimp boil, foil packs. The recipe includes sausage, shrimp, corn, zucchini, Cajun seasoning and potatoes. What makes this recipe superior for summertime events? The total cook time is about 20 minutes

Use Zatarain’s Smoked Sausage to complete your recipes and bring some bold Louisiana flare to the grill this summer. Zatarain’s Cajun and Andouille Smoked Sausage can be found at Kroger, Walmart and Food Lion stores across the country.

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