AFF Board Appoints Markon's York As Chair

Markon President Tim York was appointed as Chair of the Alliance for Food and Farming (AFF) during the organization’s annual Management Board meeting on January 30. York replaces Chris Zanobini, Executive Director of the California Pear Advisory Board, who is stepping down after two years of service as Chair.  Zanobini will remain on the AFF’s Executive Committee. 

“Tim’s commitment to the AFF this past year has been remarkable.  His perspectives and insights in his role as Vice-Chair have served the organization well,” Zanobini says.  “Through Tim’s leadership, Markon co-sponsored the AFF’s first ever Produce Safety Media Tour for bloggers and science writers. Not only did Markon’s commitment make this tour possible, it proved to be a significant success.  I will enjoy watching Tim lead this organization to further successes during his tenure as Chair.” Zanobini says.

“The AFF continues to evolve its programs to increase consumer understanding about the safety of all produce – organic and conventional,” York says.  “This evolution continues in 2018 with some strong new tactics and strategies approved by the Board during its recent meeting.  I look forward to working closely with the Board and staff as we implement the 2018 program and advance the organization’s goals, including removing fear as a barrier to produce consumption.”

In addition, the AFF Management Board appointed Rick Tomlinson, President, California Strawberry Commission to serve as the new Vice-Chair.  Tomlinson also serves as the organization's Secretary/Treasurer.

The mission of the AFF is to deliver credible, science-based information about the safety of all produce.  The AFF counters or corrects inaccurate information about the safety of organic and conventional produce so that facts, not fears, can guide consumers’ shopping choices. The cornerstone of the Safe Fruits and Veggies campaign is the website featuring content developed in cooperation with experts in the areas of toxicology, nutrition, risk analysis and farming.

The Alliance for Food and Farming is a non-profit organization formed in 1989 which represents organic and conventional farmers and farms of all sizes.  Alliance contributors are limited to farmers of fruits and vegetables, companies that sell, market or ship fruits and vegetables or organizations that represent produce farmers. The Alliance does not engage in any lobbying activities, nor do we accept any money or support from the pesticide industry.

Source: The Alliance for Food and Farming