Ark Foods Introduces Purple Bell Peppers

Brooklyn, NY:​ Ark Foods has set out to challenge what grocery shoppers think when they hear “Bell Peppers.” Customers who reach for the popular red, yellow, and green varieties in their produce aisle have a new eye-catching, farmers market version to love: the Purple Bell Pepper. 

Grown originally for Whole Foods Market Florida, the Purple Bell’s vibrant, glossy exterior naturally sets itself apart, while offering the familiar crunch and sweet flavor of traditional bell peppers. It’s the ideal vegetable to shake up snacking, stir-frys, and veggie-centric recipes with its unexpected violet hue. 

With no other major US grower selling Purple Bell Peppers at scale, Ark Foods is positioned to introduce a varietal to the masses otherwise mostly found at farmers markets or at-home vegetable gardens. 

“At Ark Foods, we’re excited about bringing uncommon vegetables to America’s grocery stores,” says Lou Terrulli, Director of Farm Development. “The Purple Bell is a great entrypoint for people who know and love the taste of bell peppers, but are looking for more diversity and excitement on their plate.” 

Purple Bell Peppers offer the following nutritional benefits: 

  • Healthy daily values of vitamins A, C, and B6
  • Purple skin comes from anthocyanins, known to reduce the risk for high blood pressure ●            Low in calories — dip it like a chip! 

About Ark Foods

Ark Foods is a modern-day farming company that creates simple, fresh, and exciting food. From Shishito Peppers and Honeynut Squash to plant-based Veggie Bowls, Ark Foods believes there’s magic in growing and eating vegetables, and works every day to share this feeling with the world. Ark Foods has built its own ecosystem and is deeply involved at every stage of production, from purchasing the highest quality seeds to growing crops responsibly, and producing imaginative food that, in any form it might take, will be remarkable. Ark Foods is available at select retailers nationwide including Whole Foods Market, Costco, and Walmart. For more information, visit ​​ or follow on Instagram at ​@ArkFoods​.