Artichoke Named The Official State Vegetable Of California

CASTROVILLE, Calif. – California Lt Gov Gavin Newsom declared the artichoke as the official state vegetable.

California produces 99 percent of the annual U.S. crop of fresh market artichokes and Ocean Mist Farms is the largest grower of fresh artichokes in North America.

The drive to name the official state food of California was organized by KGO Radio in San Francisco and was based on votes made through Facebook.  Other foods nominated by KGO listeners included almonds, avocados, crab, Sourdough bread and grapes/wine.

“Our artichoke consumers, fans and club members rallied to vote for the Artichoke- and won,” said Kori Tuggle, director of marketing and business development for Ocean Mist Farms.

Newsom is acting governor while Governor Jerry Brown is on a trade mission to China. His first official act was to declare the artichoke as the California state vegetable this morning on KGO Morning News radio.

“We’ve been waiting for the Lt Governor to make the announcement since hearing the artichoke received the most votes on the online contest to name the official state food of California,” Tuggle said. “It comes at a perfect time just as we are just hitting the peak of artichoke season in Castroville the artichoke growing region capital.”

Representatives from Ocean Mist Farms will go to the state capital with Chef Ryan Scott to make Newsom an artichoke dinner in celebration of this official state proclamation.

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