Bedford Industries President and Team Invent a Production-Ready Face Mask

“I am incredibly proud of our Production, R&D, and Design teams at Bedford today. Yesterday, we watched a news clip of hospital employees tediously constructing face masks and face shields out of office supplies to make covers for their N95 respirators. Bedford has long made the nose wire for medical #facemasks, so we gathered a team right way to see if we could invent a production-ready face mask by the end of the day.

And we did!! I am happy to show you our prototype “face mask cover” and face shield. The face mask cover is intended as a disposable physical barrier to go over an N95 mask to allow for its reuse. It is not intended to be a surgical face mask (at this point). The shield serves the same purpose, but can be cleaned and reused. Yes, we did this ALL YESTERDAY.

We can make tens of thousands per day, perhaps many more.

We now need the power of social media. Since medical devices are regulated, I’m trying to reach the appropriate contacts with the FDA to offer our capabilities and begin supplying our medical community. They have not responded to my emails to their shortage mitigation email address. Can you help us get this done?”