Bee Sweet Citrus Lemons are in Strong Supply for Seasonal Festivities

FOWLER, Calif., – New Year’s resolutions, new health goals and seasonal festivities are underway, and Bee Sweet’s sales team reports a strong supply of lemons to help fuel its consumers’ needs.

“Whether you’re planning a party for the Super Bowl, or meal planning for the Lenten season, lemons are a must-have for a healthy new year,” said Bee Sweet Citrus Director of Communications Monique Bienvenue. “Packed full of flavor, lemons are a nutritional powerhouse and can lighten meals without compromising flavor.”

Both traditional lemons and Meyer Lemons contain about 20 calories per serving and are an excellent source of fiber and vitamin C. Traditional lemons, such as Eureka and Lisbon varieties, are often used to enhance the flavor of both hot and cold beverages, and are an excellent addition to soups, salads and many seafood dishes. Meyer Lemons, however, are often referred to as the “baking lemon” because they are less acidic than other varieties and can act as a tasty ingredient for baked goods and desserts.

“With spring just around the corner, consumers are looking for healthy ways to add flavor to their meals,” continued Bienvenue. “Lemons are perfect for those looking for flavorful alternatives to boost their nutrition, while indulging in seasonal dishes and snacks.”

Meyer Lemons are available for a limited time, while traditional varieties are available yearround. For more information, please reach out to a Bee Sweet Citrus sales representative at 559834-4200.

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