Bee Sweet Citrus Launches New Digital Campaign to Promote the Power of Immunity Boosting Citrus Fruits

July 2, 2020 Bee Sweet Citrus

As consumers around the nation continue to invest in their health, Bee Sweet Citrus has launched a month-long campaign that’s designed to showcase the positive correlation between vitamin C and citrus fruits.

Bee Sweet Citrus Leads Fight Against Asian Citrus Psyllid with New Wash Line

June 9, 2020 Bee Sweet Citrus

With no cure or treatment currently available for the disease, this wash line represents a giant step forward in the industry-wide fight against HLB, and serves as Bee Sweet’s most recent project focused on innovation and sustainability.

Bee Sweet Citrus Gears up for Annual Summer Program

May 28, 2020 Bee Sweet Citrus

As California’s domestic citrus season begins to wind down, Bee Sweet Citrus has been successfully transitioning into its annual summer program. As consumers continue to shift their focus towards immunity-boosting foods, Bee Sweet Citrus is confident that its summer line can help industry partners meet seasonal demand for citrus.

Bee Sweet Citrus Reports Strong Supply of Immunity-Boosting Citrus Varieties

March 23, 2020 Bee Sweet Citrus

As consumers turn to immunity-boosting foods to aid their health, Bee Sweet Citrus reports a strong supply of exotic citrus varieties to meet the growing demand of fresh produce throughout the nation.

Star Ruby Grapefruit is Available for Health-Conscious Consumers

March 3, 2020 Bee Sweet Citrus

As the season shifts from winter to spring, the Bee Sweet Citrus team has turned its focus to Star Ruby grapefruit as a key player in the company’s diverse citrus line.