Branch Leads Industry By Moving To Sustainer Cartons

South Bay, Fla. – Branch: A Family of Farms continues being a leader in its category through the use of sustainer cartons. Wire-bound boxes are a thing of the past as Branch finds success in new packaging.

When looking at the reasons to move to sustainers, the answer was clear. Sustainers are sturdier and more easily-stackable, light weight and space efficient, allowing 8-10% more cases per load, which saves on freight costs. Additionally, sustainers are more food safety compliant than wire-bound boxes as they are more resistant to bacteria. Finally, they are recyclable and eco-friendly, an aspect that is at the core of the founding principles at Branch.

“Since we introduced sustainer boxes in our operations, the market response has been substantial,” said Brett Bergmann, president of Branch. “We are very happy with this packaging solution, especially knowing we can present our products in a better way to our customers.”

About Branch

Since 1957, our founding principles still drive us at Branch: integrity, quality, service, – a commitment to our industry and the sustainability of our environment. As a family owned and operated business, we are a premier grower, packer, shipper of sweet corn in the United States also offering our customers green beans, leafy greens, radishes and celery.

Source: Branch