CubicFarm Systems Corp. Selects Microsoft for Next Generation Sustainable Ag-Tech

VANCOUVER, BC – CubicFarm® Systems Corp. (“CubicFarms” or the “Company”) (TSXV: CUB), a local chain, agricultural technology company, today announced that the Company has selected Microsoft’s technology to launch the next generation of indoor farming technologies for fresh food and fresh livestock feed. CubicFarms is one of the first controlled environment agriculture (“CEA”) companies working with Microsoft’s cloud services to deliver technology that enables farmers to grow indoors at commercial scale, sustainably.

CubicFarms is working with Microsoft and using Microsoft Azure IoT (“Internet of Things”) as a key part of the Company’s enterprise level platform. CubicFarms securely collects and analyzes system and CEA data from on the Edge to Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) in the Cloud using the easily scalable microservice architecture built into Azure.

“We’re excited to announce the next generation of our indoor growing system using Microsoft’s IoT services,” said Dave Dinesen, Chief Executive Officer, CubicFarms. “CubicFarms worked closely with our long-time Farmer Partners, like Swiss Leaf Farms in Alberta, to innovate and improve our indoor growing technologies for commercial scale farms. AI in the Cloud and on the Edge services help drive automation and scalability for our new and existing Farmer Partners, and for our business.”

CubicFarms selected Azure IoT to give the Company the flexibility necessary to develop custom modules that support diverse hardware and device requirements, while also delivering industry-leading regulatory and compliance security to keep data secure. Using Azure services, CubicFarms will provide insights to the Company’s Farmer Partners all over the world through AI in the Cloud and on the Edge.

Rolling out to new and existing Farmer Partners, the next generation of the CubicFarm System includes the latest sensor technology to collect and analyze data, increased commercial scale output, and new remote diagnostic capabilities. Former Microsoft GM Edoardo De Martin, who joined CubicFarms in March 2021 as Chief Technology Officer, is leading the Company’s technology and innovation team. CubicFarms’ automated indoor growing technology maximizes commercial output of fresh produce while minimizing the use of resources, using less land and 95% less water, while significantly reducing food waste.

“Sustainability initiatives are important to Microsoft because we believe technology can help all of us build a better future,” said Suzanne Gagliese, VP, Global Partner Solutions, Microsoft Canada. “We’re proud to work with CubicFarms on their controlled environment ag-tech systems and cloud services to help support farmers growing more fresh food locally, in a sustainable way, anywhere in the world.”

About CubicFarms

CubicFarms is a local chain agricultural technology company developing and deploying technology to feed a changing world. Its proprietary ag-tech solutions enable growers to produce high quality, predictable produce and fresh livestock feed with HydroGreen Nutrition Technology, a division of CubicFarm Systems Corp. The CubicFarms™ system contains patented technology for growing leafy greens and other crops onsite, indoors, all year round. CubicFarms provides an efficient, localized food supply solution that benefits our people, planet, and economy.

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