Enza Zaden Hosts Melon Field Day in Murcia, Spain

Melon House fair 2020 is well-known as an inspirational space for all melon professionals; a space to share knowledge and insights about the market and check the latest news of our portfolio. This year,  Enza Zaden introduced a variety of novelties and  offered customers multiple ways to connect throughout the event depending on what suited them the most, including both face to face and digital meetings. 

Sharing new experiences The Enza Zaden team hosted customized visits in Murcia Spain, June 30th – July 10th. All interactions strictly followed suggested safety measures.  

Participants could also join the event virtually through offerings including digital resources, a virtual demo and digital meetings – all together creating a total 360º digital experience for customers. 

Thanks to the new complete digital experience, professionals from all over the world connected with our team and we experienced an increase in participation compared to previous years .

 “Even though digital contact does not replace meeting face to face, it is unquestionable that we need to take advantage of what technology offers us so to be connected whenever it is possible; this year Melon House Fair 2020 showed that other ‘non-conventional’ ways of working are possible to keep growing together” stated Miguel Salinas, International Melon and Watermelon sales manager.  

Sharing knowledge!

Enza Zaden’s involvement at Melon House Fair also included to virtual webinars, during which we shared insights and information about the melon and watermelon market. Our team offered an analysis of melon and watermelon consumption in Spain, thanks to research from Kantar, and also included a broader European perspective with AMI.  Both perspectives helped our Enza Zaden team and customers determine where to find new growth opportunities in today’s world.

In the case of melon consumption in Spain, we highlighted the importance of dinner as the main consumption moment and the current main consumers, seniors, in addition to the need for boosting sales to other consumer profiles such as young families throughout Europe. 

New opportunities

This new normal brings us a lot of new possibilities. We have so many chances in front of us to keep connecting, growing and creating value –  people and teamwork will always be the center. Thank you to all who joined us during the Melon House Fair. 

Enza Zaden looks forward to another year of creating value together.

For more information contact Jean -Francis Thomin | Marketing Manager | j.thomin@enzazaden.com | +1 831-998-2248