Flavorful Brands, LLC – Introducing A Collection Of Premium Produce & Brands

LOS ANGELES, Calif.  =  Flavorful Brands LLC (www.FlavorfulBrands.com), a newly formed marketing venture with Bejo Seeds, Inc., is dedicated to branding the best of innovative and premium quality, fresh produce to consumers in the US and Canada.  Bejo Seeds, a world-renowned, non-GMO, hybrid seed company, has licensed to Flavorful Brands their exceptional seeds to grow produce that delivers unique consumer eating experiences.  Flavorful Brands, was selected by Bejo Seeds because of their decades of experience and expertise in incubating, building, and managing consumer brands in the marketplace, will run the new partnership to commercialize this produce. 

Flavorful Brands' initial focus is the national expansion of the Tasti-Lee® tomato brand, the best-selling field round tomato brand in the U.S. Tasti-Lee® is unparalleled for its perfectly balanced flavor, deep crimson red color, slicing performance, long-lasting freshness and high-lycopene, a powerful antioxidant which delivers substantial health benefits. Additional brands are being developed for the onion, kohlrabi and cabbage categories, each with meaningful consumer benefits that are missing today. These products will be available through Flavorful Brands' exclusive distributor network in bulk, retail packs and value-added forms (fresh-cut, ready-to-cook/eat).

Bejo Seeds is a world leader in the development of innovative, non-GMO, hybrid seed varieties. With over 100 years in operation, their natural breeding process has been improving fruit and vegetable performance for growers, distributors and consumers. Flavorful Brands has the exclusive rights to new Bejo Seeds varieties to oversee the production, distribution and branding of high quality, propriety produce grown from Bejo Seed’s premium seeds. Bejo will provide ongoing access to their extensive R&D and grower expertise.

Mark Overduin, President, Bejo Seeds, Inc, shares his excitement about this partnership with Flavorful Brands.  “Bejo develops, produces and sells seed for global markets.  We produce fruit and vegetable seed for conventional markets as well as organically produced seed for the organic markets.  Our products are high quality hybrid varieties which bring direct value to growers, processors and distributors, and now to the consumer with outstanding flavors and culinary traits.  We are very excited to partner with the Flavorful Brands team to successfully bring these tasteful products to market in a way that consumers can recognize, enjoy, and return to for consistent quality and a great eating experience.”

Flavorful Brands is led by food industry executives Christopher Lindley (President/CEO) and Jose Marrero (Chief Operating Officer), who have decades of expertise incubating and launching new brands and products into the marketplace.  “Consumers want to eat the best produce available, but most are not really aware that great produce starts with superior seed," said Lindley. Jose Marrero added “a brand is a promise of a consistent quality experience.  When we add in the best growing and distribution practices with our network partners, we are able to deliver to consumers a trusted exceptional produce experience.” 

Tasti-Lee® Tomatoes, the company’s flagship product, have been lauded as the tastiest and best slicing commercial tomatoes available since they were introduced to East Coast consumers in 2010. Tasti-Lees also have a deep crimson red color with garden-fresh flavor that taste great in a salad or on a sandwich or burger. Tasti-Lee® is distributed by our outstanding partners, including Flavor1st Growers and Packers, Inc., Tomato Thyme Corporation, Lucky’s Real Tomatoes Corporation, Wholesale Produce Supply LLC and The Produce Exchange Inc. These exclusive partners are committed to outstanding quality and service to their retailer and foodservice customers.  

About Flavorful Brands, LLC.

“Inspiring People to Eat Better Every Day,” Flavorful Brands, LLC. is a newly founded partnership of LHF, Inc., Marrero Ventures, Inc., and Bejo Seeds, Inc. The company has exclusive rights to manage the Tasti-Lee® tomato brand, the best-selling field round tomato brand in America. Flavorful Brands is piloting numerous specialty produce lines that begin with Bejo’s high quality seeds. Working with an exclusive network of partner growers, processors and distributors, the company guarantees unrivaled flavor and quality to meet the demands of knowledgeable consumers for peak freshness, flavor and nutritional content in their vegetables.

About Bejo Seeds, Inc.

Bejo Seeds, Inc., is a subsidiary of Bejo Zaden serving the U.S. and Canada from the company’s U.S. headquarters based in Oceano, CA. A world leader in the development and commercialization of hybrid seed development, Bejo Zadaen is a 100-year-old company based in Warmenhuizen, The Netherlands, with offices worldwide serving producers and consumers over 1200 varieties of the highest quality non-GMO seeds.

Source: Flavorful Brands, LLC