Food Freshness Card Awarded Best Food Safety Solution at United Fresh for Third Consecutive Year

CHICAGO — The Food Freshness Card was voted, “Best New Safety Solution” at United Fresh 2019. This is the third year in a row the patented technology has won the award and been recognized by the United Fresh Innovation Awards, celebrating 10 years of honoring the best in innovation and excellence for the food industry.

Food waste is a global $5 billion problem and accounts for 8 percent of greenhouse gas emissions.  The Food Freshness Card utilizes US Patented Technology to naturally extend the shelf life of many fruits, vegetables, and breads up to 50 percent from farm to fork. The Food Freshness Card works inside or outside a refrigerator, can save money and reduce waste in restaurants, home kitchens, and as well as supermarkets.

Seven Produce Innovation Awards winners were recognized at United Fresh 2019. This year’s honorees were voted on by show attendees from a total of 48 contestants.   “This year’s Innovation Awards winners won from a field of excellent and qualified competitors,” said John Toner, United Fresh’s vice president of convention and industry collaboration. “The exceptional creativity of these seven winners helped them stand out at United Fresh 2019, the home of fresh produce innovation.” 

“Innovation starts at United Fresh,” said Tom Stenzel, United Fresh’s president and chief executive officer. “The innovation of our member companies shape the entire produce industry and show attendees have the unique opportunity to see that ingenuity up close at United Fresh. Congratulations to this year’s winners and thank you to all participants for showcasing your creativity.”

Food Freshness Card has now won 10 major awards around the world, including the coveted Gold Edison Award for Best Food Tech Solution in 2019.

Inventors Rick and RJ Hassler are achieving great success in reducing waste in supermarkets, where the installation of Food Freshness Cards has reduced waste by as much as $5,000 per month. “It is truly a win/win for supermarkets and their customers and employees,” said Rick Hassler. “By utilizing the Food Freshness Card in the store, chains can instantly reduce waste and save money. Combine that with a customer/employee incentive program giving to receive a Food Freshness Card, reduces returns and helps their customers/employees reduce waste as well. Many supermarkets have a sustainability initiative consistent with our goal of reducing waste. According to the NRDC, an average US family throws away over $2,000 per year in food. With the incentive program, the supermarket benefits from happy customers, eating fresher food and truly enjoying fresher produce from their store which is a reflection of their quality.”

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