Fresh Del Monte’s Network Shipping Ltd. Continues to Enhance Agile & Automated Processes in Collaboration with Grydd Technology

MIAMI–Network Shipping Ltd. (NWS), the ocean logistics arm of Fresh Del Monte, in partnership with Grydd Inc., is streamlining and ensuring nearly 100% compliance in its shipping operation by digitizing and automating with Grydd’s technology. The move comes as part of NWS’s continued effort to enhance agile processes with new technologies to better serve customers, continuing to drive growth in third-party services for Fresh Del Monte. Grydd, a logistics and supply chain technology solutions company with customers like Golden State Foods, ILG Logistics and Atlantic Express, has a proven track record in making logistics management low cost, fast and easy, connecting everyone and everything under one platform.

Grydd’s technology modernizes a very manual process that relies heavily on spreadsheets, letters, phone calls, and has the fallibility of hundreds of human beings. Now with the implementation of Grydd technology, NWS manages its assets, plans routes, books shipments, creates purchase orders, tracks assets, shipments, and product conditions with full transparency of its financial and operative data.

“This technology partner gives the power to make better decisions thanks to its data integration and machine learning models, reducing friction, waste of time, and money,” said Francis Mc Cawley Foster, Head of Commercial at Network Shipping “Partners like Grydd only further our mission in being a reliable cargo solution to a wider audience.”

The market is demanding faster lead times, lower costs and a better service experience, yet 75% of supply chain and logistics companies in the world are still operating under manual processes – a solution Grydd technology provides.

“Now they [Network Shipping] have full control of their supply chain, giving them end-to-end visibility, transparency, and predictability in all the processes. Our system empowers their collaborators with real-time business intelligence and intuitive project management capabilities that are easy to use and understand. Hence, they are always connected and in control,” said Dan Acosta, CEO & Founder of Grydd.

NWS is outpacing its big shipping line competitors with an almost 100 percent on-time arrival rate versus the reliability of big shipping lines that is between 26 to 50 percent, thanks to the digital transformation powered by Grydd.


Network Shipping™ (NWS), a Fresh Del Monte company, is a boutique logistics company operating sea and land solutions for perishable cargo in Latin America and the United States for over 25 years. Network Shipping’s smart sea routes have virtually 100% on-time delivery and are a great cost-effective solution to ship cargo precisely where it needs to be. Commercial cargo falls under Fresh Del Monte’s Other Products and Services segment. To learn more about Network Shipping, visit


Grydd is a data-driven company for technology transformation in international Logistics and Global Supply Chain Management with a smart operating system with countless innovative solutions that provides the connection you need to access the new era of logistics and supply chain. The only company with an integrated, collaborative, end-to-end workflow. Through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we integrate all the elements of the Supply Chain network into one intuitive platform. We understand the power of the Supply Chain stems from the people and the data generated by those relationships during the logistics process. We are the innovation lab (i-lab) who brought to life the smart operating system that makes your logistics management, low cost, fast, and easy by connecting your whole supply chain ecosystem, driving the greatness of any business to the next level with logistics and supply chain evolution.

Grydd OS is available on Grydd’s website. More information is available here.