5 Key Online Strategies For Blooming Floral Sales

Mother’s Day is one of the most important holidays of the year for florists, and online sales are a big part of it. We want to ensure you’re prepared for the online rush, so here are five key strategies to help you capitalize on this peak season.

1. Market Knowledge

Data Insights: Research has shown that consumer spending on Mother’s Day is higher than ever. Knowing what people are buying and who they’re buying for can help you maximize your online sales. See our article on Mother’s Day Spending Trends for more information.

Customer Segmentation: Target your emails and online marketing to different types of customers, from more traditional buyers to those seeking unique and modern arrangements. By knowing and understanding your customers’ needs, you can capture their attention and business.

Curated Selections: Based on your customer segmentation, create a selection of flower arrangements that cater to their needs. Offer these arrangements at various price points to reach the broadest potential market.

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