Grimmway Farms Celebrates 2022 Intern Day Highlights Robust Summer Programs and CEO Lunch

BAKERSFIELD, CA – Grimmway Farms is marking this year’s National Intern Day by celebrating its talented intern and summer work experience teams.

For decades, Grimmway has offered paid internship programs to qualifying students, along with a unique paid work experience program for children of Grimmway employees who currently attend high school and college.

Throughout 2022, 16 interns have worked alongside Grimmway team members garnering experience in the regulatory compliance, human resources, accounting, food safety, sales, agronomy, and production departments. The program is designed to be a competitive, challenging, productive and hands-on experience, which ties students’ current field of study in college to an applicable area of business. Current interns enjoy an active program, including regular networking exercises and a celebratory, lunch-and-learn program with Grimmway CEO Jeff Huckaby.

“For a college student, the internship opportunity is an ideal way to gain insights that connect their field of study to the realities of the work,” says April Morris, Grimmway’s Director of Employee Learning and Development. “An immersive experience can open more doors for exploration, help make decisions to navigate a more specific career path and build valuable experience. Undoubtedly, Grimmway also benefits through project and work contributions, diversity of thought and experience, and a pipeline of new talent for future employment.” 

Grimmway also boasts a unique and robust work experience program, known internally as “Summer Help.” This year’s class has 21 participants, who are gaining valuable work experience in production, maintenance, business analytics, agronomy, transportation and logistics – just to name a few.

Chief People Officer Sara Oliver notes that the intern programs are a “win-win,” for the company and the students. “Development of talent is the most important investment a forward-thinking company can make and exposing students to the breadth of career experiences within the farming sector is exciting and eye-opening for them. As a company, and as Grimmway employees, we are proud to support and engage with these incredible, enthusiastic students, and to have a lot of fun in the process.”

About Grimmway Farms:

Headquartered in Bakersfield, California, Grimmway Farms traces its roots to a produce stand opened by the Grimm brothers in the early 1960s. Grimmway is a global produce leader and the world’s largest producer of carrots. Grimmway supplies more than 65 organic, USA-grown crops and brands include Cal-Organic Farms and Bunny-Luv. Grimmway is committed to caring for customers and employees, honoring sustainable practices and preserving natural resources for future generations. For more information, explore our website or call 1-800-301-3101.