GROW By Organics Unlimited Gives Donation To Environmental Health Coalition

SAN DIEGO – The GROW Fund, a nonprofit program developed by Organics Unlimited in 2005, has provided a grant to Environmental Health Coalition (EHC), a nonprofit, community-based organization dedicated to improving health and protecting the environment in communities in the San Diego/Tijuana region.

This grant marks the beginning of an ongoing partnership between GROW and Environmental Health Coalition. The San Diego/Tijuana border region is home to Organics Unlimited’s headquarters, and this donation, the first from the GROW Fund to be granted for use within the United States.

“One of the core values of Organics Unlimited and GROW is to farm organic bananas in a truly sustainable manner, ensuring that our environment is preserved for future generations to enjoy,” said Mayra Velazquez de Leon, president of Organics Unlimited and GROW. “I was touched by the mission of Environmental Health Coalition because of their work in protecting public health in some of the most underserved areas in our local San Diego/Tijuana region. This aligns with our company’s mission, as well as my own personal beliefs, and I am pleased the GROW contribution will have a positive impact on the health of our communities.”

The Environmental Health Coalition’s efforts focus on communities that are disproportionately affected by environmental hazards such as air pollution and contamination of our natural resources. Through organizing, advocacy and leadership development, EHC works to reduce pollution to protect public health and the environment; secure city plans that address low-income residents’ needs; decrease energy use and greenhouse gas emissions; defend children’s health threatened by exposure to toxics; improve active transportation and public transit; and works bi-nationally to defend community and environmental health.

The GROW funds will go to support EHC’s overall structure and expenses, including the Border Environmental Justice Campaign, which works to reduce air toxins, protect and restore green space and create sustainable planning in the border area of San Diego and Tijuana. Some of the most notable accomplishments of EHC's Border Environmental Justice Campaign include:

  • The historic cleanup of 45,000 tons of toxic waste
  • Stopping the complete concrete channelization of the Alamar River
  • Greatly improving air quality in areas around schools

“Achieving environmental and social justice remains at the core of EHC’s mission – gaining support from organizations who share our values is the best way to make our communities healthier places to live, work and play,” said Giuliana Schroeder, development director for Environmental Health Coalition. “By working alongside GROW by Organics Unlimited, we’re taking another step closer to creating toxic-free communities in our San Diego/Tijuana region.”

Velazquez de Leon pledged the funds for Environmental Health Coalition at its Annual Awards Celebration, “One People, Una Frontera,” on April 14, 2016, in San Diego.

Over the past decade, through retailer and distributor support, GROW organic banana purchases have provided over $2 million in aid for underserved communities. A percentage derived from the purchase of each box of GROW organic bananas is earmarked for the GROW Fund.

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