Jacobs Farm Del Cabo Hires Strategic Sourcing Manager

Santa Cruz, CA – Jacobs Farm Del Cabo, a leader in organic and sustainable farming of fresh herbs and vegetables out of the Central Coast of California and Mexico, has hired David Arana as its Strategic Sourcing Manager.

Prior to joining Jacobs Farm Del Cabo, Arana served as the Director of Supply Chain Development for DiMare International. Arana’s full biography boasts over 20 years of experience in agriculture where he focused on supply chain management, logistics and sourcing.

“We are thrilled to have David lead our strategic sourcing efforts. David is not only a produce veteran, but he has the heart and soul to make a real impact in furthering the Jacobs Farm Del Cabo mission”, said Sarah Barber, Director of Planning.

In this newly created position, Arana will be responsible for supply chain fortification across Jacobs Farm Del Cabo’s top commodities. He will also lead the strategic sourcing and growth of the company’s vetted partner grower base, and in doing so will provide supply chain resilience in a changing industry and changing climate.

“I am deeply grateful to be joining the Jacobs Farm Del Cabo group. The opportunity to contribute toward a conscious effort to create healthier soils, healthier plants, and healthier people is inspirational,” said Arana.

In addition to David’s strong portfolio of experience, his industry journey began in Nogales, Arizona working with the family produce business and now operates from San Jose del Cabo in Baja California Sur, Mexico with his wife and two young children. He is committed to the pursuit of promoting organic food production and regenerative cultivation techniques.


About Jacobs Farm Del Cabo

A collection of organic farms dispersed along the western edge of California and Mexico, Jacobs Farm Del Cabo represents over four thousand certified organic field and greenhouse acres of fresh herbs, tomatoes, peppers and a variety of vegetables.

Founded in 1980 by Larry Jacobs and Sandra Belin, Jacobs Farm began with the intention to improve organic farming practices through sustainable cultivation of fresh organic produce.

In 1986, the Del Cabo cooperative was created with a unique vision for social change. Through the teachings and support of farming practices as well as access to international markets, generations of small family farmers have risen from poverty and transformed their communities.