Jeff Correa Appointed as Manager of the Fresh Pear Committee of Federal Marketing Order 927

MILWAUKIE, OREGON – At a meeting of the Fresh Pear Committee (FPC) held on June 12, Jeff Correa was appointed as Manager of the Fresh Pear Committee of Federal Marketing Order 927.

Correa will continue in his current role as Director of International Marketing at Pear Bureau Northwest (PBNW) as he takes over the duties as Manager of the FPC from Kevin Moffitt, who has held the position since 2001. Moffitt will be moving into a mentoring role at PBNW for the upcoming year, which begins July 1.

“I am excited to be able to serve the industry in a new capacity as the Manager of the Fresh Pear Committee as well as continuing my work as the International Marketing Director for the Pear Bureau,” Correa said. “I look forward to learning from Kevin on the administrative aspects of the position in this initial transition period and working with USDA AMS in my new role,” he added.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to continue the great work that has been done and to continue the excellent work of the longest standing federal marketing order.”

“The Manager of the FPC plays a pivotal role administering the regulations, grower assessments for research and promotions, the collection and dissemination of pear inventory figures throughout the season and ongoing communication with the USDA at the regional office in Portland as well as in D.C.,” Moffitt said. “Jeff has decades of experience working with the USDA and I have full confidence that he will be a great fit for this position going forward,” Moffitt added.


Established in 1939, the marketing order provides the authority to set regulations and provides the authority to set and collect promotion and research assessments. Crop reports and size and grade reports are also compiled and distributed through the authority of the marketing order. All growers of commercially grown pears in the US sates of Oregon and Washington are part of Oregon the marketing order. USDA requires the Marketing Order to hold a referendum every six years, giving the growers a chance to vote to continue the order or not. The last referendum, held in 2023, resulted in overwhelming approval with 99% of the votes being cast in favor of continuation.


Pear Bureau Northwest is a non-profit marketing organization established in 1931 to promote the fresh pears grown in Washington and Oregon, home to 84% of the US commercial fresh pear crop. The Bureau represents over 700 grower families and partners with outlets throughout the world in an effort to increase overall success with the pear category. The organization provides marketing and merchandising expertise that is customized specifically for each retail organization, using its pear consumer research findings as well as individual store analysis using an in-house data system that measures pear category performance nationwide and third-party research to show retailers how they perform versus their competition. Retailers who are interested in partnering with Pear Bureau Northwest should contact them at or 1 (800) 547-4610, as well as visit the retail trade site,, or consumer site,