LGS Specialty Sales Expands Darling Citrus Line To Include Darling Lemons

New Rochelle, N.Y. – LGS Specialty Sales (LGS), leading importer and distributor of citrus, avocados and grapes, is proud to announce the expansion of its Darling Citrus product line to include Darling Lemons. Darling Citrus now includes fresh clementines, oranges, minneolas and lemons sourced from the best groves around the world to ensure high quality, in-season citrus is available year-round.

With the product line expansion, LGS intends on upholding its track record of excellence by working hand-in-hand with its partners around the globe to guarantee the brand’s high-quality standards are being met. Known for being one of the first companies to bring clementines to the U.S., LGS will partner with growers and source their lemons from Argentina, Chile and Spain to bring more peak season varieties to people looking for fresh, flavorful citrus.

“Darling is a stand-out brand whose product line we have nurtured throughout the years and will continue nurturing to ensure our customers are receiving the highest quality products from LGS,” said Luke Sears, president and founder of LGS. “With the addition of Darling Lemons, we can continue to provide a wide range of options to our customers searching for in-season citrus.”

Available in 2 lb., 3lb. and 5 lb. bags, as well as in bulk, Darling Lemons are packed at peak freshness and provide sweet and tangy flavors to shoppers looking to add zest to dishes and drinks. The addition of Darling Lemons widens the range of options for in-season citrus sold under the Darling label.

For nutritional facts and additional information, please visit https://www.lgssales.com/products/darling-lemons/, or follow LGS Sales’ social media platforms for daily inspiration at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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About LGS Specialty Sales, LTD

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Source:  LGS Specialty Sales, LTD