Little Kentucky Farmer’s Box Helps Green Up the Superbowl

As a small sustainable farmer in Verona, Kentucky Linda Fritz hated putting her cherry tomatoes in plastic clamshells that recycling centers wouldn’t take. So she invented a paperboard alternative called the Sustainable Produce Container. Her Kroger customers embraced the new design, as did others.

From blueberry growers to mushroom farmers, small producers across the country and Canada have found her website, ordered and loved them. But now the little box is even making a difference at the Super Bowl. ​

At the Farmer’s Market part of Super Bowl Live! at Bayfront Park, Taste of Redland Farmer’s Market is using the Sustainable Produce Container exclusively because they are cardboard and easily recycled. They bought 9000 of the Half Pint to sell their locally-grown cherry tomatoes and strawberries in. Besides being an eco-friendly package they love that there is a lid so customers won’t spill them, the box is strong enough to be stacked high and there is no need for a soaker pad for the extra juicy berries.​

Michael Huter at Taste of Redland says: “Taste of Redland loves the Sustainable Produce Container packaging for strawberries and tomatoes that Linda Fritz created. We wanted an eco-friendly package for the Super Bowl Live Miami event and they are perfect!​

Fritz is also close to finalizing a deal with a large grower who supplies a major grocery store. In high volumes the Sustainable Produce Containers can compete with plastic on price, can be printed on directly, and the lid can be locked/sealed to prevent tampering.​

The Sustainable Produce Container is available in the Half Pint, Low Profile Pint and Quart with plans for the 2 Quart this year. Please call Linda at 859-630-2694 or for questions.