Little Leaf Farms’ Fresh, Crispy Baby Greens Now Delivered to Homes Through Amazon Fresh

DEVENS, MASS. – Little Leaf Farms, the largest seller of greenhouse grown lettuce in the U.S., is now offering home delivery in the greater Boston and New York City area through Amazon Fresh. COVID-19 has increased demand for grocery deliveries, and customers can now enjoy locally harvested and sustainable lettuce without ever leaving the comfort of their homes.

The partnership with Amazon Fresh is another step in Little Leaf Farms’ continued growth to meet rising demand. The company now has 10 acres of state-of-art greenhouse growing space, recently doubling growing capacity to produce more than two million boxes of fresh baby greens a month.

“Now more than ever, it is critical for families to have access to fresh, local and nutritious foods,” said Paul Sellew, Founder and CEO of Little Leaf Farms. “With many people staying home in response to the pandemic, we are excited to offer home deliveries through Amazon Fresh so customers can get high-quality greens shipped straight to their doorstep.”

While 95 percent of the country’s leafy greens are grown in California or Arizona and then trucked more than 3,000 miles across the nation, Little Leaf Farms ships to stores within 24 hours. The greens are much fresher and maintain a significantly longer shelf life than West Coast lettuce, which is around 13-25 days post-harvest by the time customers purchases it.

Fans attest to this too. Among recent reviews on Amazon Prime: “I can’t believe there can be such a difference in taste but this lettuce is out of this world tasty plus extremely crisp and stays that way for many weeks…. It is amazing. I will never buy another brand.”

“Reliable and all-time favorite lettuce. Always fresh, always crisp, and always crunchy. They also stay longer in my crisper than any other lettuce.”

“Absolutely my favorite lettuce. Stays crunchy forever. So tasty too. I will only buy this now.”

“World’s most perfect lettuce: OK – seriously. I didn’t have a clue how good lettuce is until I tried this. I eat this as a single salad. It is that good!!!!”

Little Leaf Farms has created the most technologically advanced lettuce growing greenhouse in the world, where no human hands ever touch the lettuce and the greens are not exposed to animal waste like outdoor field-grown lettuce, eliminating the risk of contamination and hazards like E. coli.

No chemical pesticides, herbicides or fungicides are used on Little Leaf Farms’ lettuce, and the greens are grown with captured rainwater and natural sunlight through special high-light transmission glass windows. Little Leaf Farms’ precise, soil-less hydroponic production also utilizes up to 90 percent less water than field-grown greens to grow crunchy, flavorful lettuce.

Little Leaf Farms products are also available through Whole Foods delivery services.

About Little Leaf Farms

Little Leaf Farms is on a mission to transform the way food is grown. Using advanced greenhouse technologies, Little Leaf Farms is growing fresh, local, sustainably farmed lettuce 365 days a year. Little Leaf Farms utilizes captured rainwater, natural sunlight that shines through high transmission glass, and solar powered energy in their precise, soil-less hydroponic farming. The crispy, flavorful baby greens are harvested without ever touching human hands and are never treated with chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.  Little Leaf Farms baby lettuces are available in 4oz and 8oz sizes throughout the East Coast.