Melissa’s Charentais Melon Program

Los Angeles, CA – Melissa’s kicks off our second year of importing this unique heirloom French melon variety expanding the program to year around supplies from the Dominican Republic. The Charentais is small and almost perfectly round, only 2-3 lbs., with a light grey-green smooth outer skin coloring and deeply vibrant orange interior fruit, similar to the North American Cantaloupe only much sweeter. The potency of this melon’s distinctive aroma can be detected across a room!

Actually, the Charentais is more cantaloupe than the familiar webbed melon variety commonly marketed under that name by U.S. retailers, which is really a musk melon. The Charentais is considered botanically as the original European Cantaloupe and is still served as such today. Our new year-round program will allow Melissa’s to supply a sweeter melon option in the winter months when the sugar content of the domestic melon varieties is at their lowest. While the high sugar content does result in this sweet delicacy’s greater perishability compared to most melon varieties, we believe the unique flavor is worth it!

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