New Apple Creates a Stir in Local Supermarkets

LANCASTER, Pa.–Hungry for the perfect snack? There’s a tasty new option in the produce department. The WildTwist® apple is quickly winning fans but is only in stores for a limited time.

A new twist on two favorites, WildTwist® is a blend of the Honeycrisp and Cripps Pink varieties. The result is a sweet apple with a hint of tartness and a satisfyingly juicy crunch that makes it perfect for snacking. According to Chris Sandwick, director of marketing at Hess Brother’s Fruit Co., the apple has already become a favorite of apple buyers across the country.

“For people to reach for an apple instead of processed, unhealthy snacks, it has to deliver an exceptional eating experience — and that’s exactly what they’ll get with WildTwist®,” Sandwick says. “It’s healthy, it’s easy and above all, it’s delicious.”

WildTwist® apples are available in the spring, which sets them apart from varieties that are traditionally associated with fall. The new variety is typically sold from January through June. However, due to its rapid rise in popularity, this year’s supply is projected to sell out early. “The seasonality makes these apples a bit more special,” Sandwick notes. “Once customers discover them, they come back for more.”

WildTwist® has been a project for the Pennsylvania-based Hess Brother’s Fruit Co. for more than a decade, as the company has been working to find the next great apple. Second-generation company leaders Fred and Jerry Hess began developing the variety in 2011, and the current generation has carried their vision forward.

“Our goal was to give apple lovers a great eating experience at a time of year when they may not expect it,” says owner Ryan Hess. “We set out to grow an apple that tastes better and lasts longer, and we’ve done that with WildTwist®.” The company works with grower-partners in Pennsylvania, New York and Virginia to grow the apple commercially, and more than 400 acres of WildTwist® are planted across dozens of Eastern U.S. farms.

WildTwist® apples are available in select supermarkets while supplies last. Visit to learn more about the variety and where to find it.

About Hess Brothers Fruit Co.

Hess Brother’s Fruit Co. has been supplying premium-quality eastern apples since 1967. Founded by brothers Arthur and Edward Hess, the Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based company is currently in its third generation of family ownership and markets an average of two million bushels of apples every year. Hess Brother’s Fruit Co. also works closely with a network of exceptional local growers in the Mid-Atlantic region to produce the freshest, best-tasting apples. For more information, visit