Cosmic Crisp Apples Become Year-Round Variety and Catches Organic Ring with Stemilt’s EZ Band

November 23, 2022 Stemilt

Amid a smaller national apple crop, Cosmic Crisp® apples will launch as a year-round variety on December 1 as it grows in volume, especially in organics. Stemilt marketing director, Brianna Shales, shares how Cosmic Crisp® is poised for promotion this season and how retailers can ensure organic ring at checkout with Stemilt’s EZ Band.

Pre-Solicitation Announcement for CCC Purchase of Fresh Apples, Pears, Potatoes, and Mixed Fresh Produce Boxes

November 10, 2022 USDA AMS

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today announced plans to purchase Fresh Apples, Pears, Potatoes, and Mixed Fresh Produce Boxes for distribution to various food nutrition assistance programs. Purchases will be made under the authority

RubyFrost Apples Are Back

October 27, 2022 Crunch Time Apple Growers

One of the best dessert apples is back! The unmistakably tart but sweet flavor of a RubyFrost™ apple will soon be available in select produce aisles just in time for family gatherings over the holiday season. The premium variety is grown by Crunch Time Apple Growers, a group of more than 150 New York State-based growers. Crunch Time also grows the Official Apple of the Buffalo Bills, SnapDragon. 

The Good Mood Food Trend at the Core of Honeybear’s Consumer Outreach

October 27, 2022 Honeybear Brands

Consumers are much more mindful of what goes into their bodies for improving health, but also how those foods can impact their mental health. Emotional well-being is an important focus, and the trend is emerging in all aspects of life, including food.

FirstFruits Farms Announces Newly Expanded Team

October 21, 2022 FirstFruits Marketing

In preparation for this year’s apple season, FirstFruits Farms has made it a priority to further develop their internal talent as well as onboard additional team members, to strategically improve the business and growth in the commodity