New lef Farms Clamshell Packaging To Meet Overwhelming Customer Demand

While l?f Farms may be a new name to some, it has already earned a strong reputation in New England’s retail and food service community by providing the most unique blends of locally grown, fresh baby greens on the market. That recognition didn’t come by accident. It came by applying the knowledge from its founders’ 40 years of growing experience, paying close attention to market trends and, most importantly, listening to what its customers have to say. And what they were saying loud and clear throughout 2017 was “We want clamshells!”

To answer that passionate call, l?f Farms is excited to launch its newly designed clamshell packaging in February. While the fresh and tasty contents of its packages won’t be changing, l?f has adopted this much more popular packaging format by going to clamshells.

“There’s no doubt that everyone loves our baby greens that, up until now, were available in distinctive black bags. Consumers expressed to us they were having difficulty finding our products in a consistent location within their local stores, as produce managers often placed them away from the traditional salad wall,” begins l?f Sales & Marketing Manager, Donald Grandmaison.

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