Orbis to Showcase New Integrated Reusable Packaging Solutions at Pack Expo 2022

OCONOMOWOC, Wis. – ORBIS(r) Corporation, an international leader in reusable packaging, will highlight the role integrated reusable packaging solutions play in driving supply chain efficiency and sustainability at this year’s PACK EXPO, Booth LU-6800. ORBIS is exhibiting at this year’s show held in Chicago Oct. 23-26 at McCormick Place Convention Center.

The booth will highlight the role reusable packaging plays in improving the flow of product, driving the circular economy concept, and reducing costs across a variety of industries including food and beverage, consumer products, electric vehicles, automotive, primary packaging and more. With a diverse portfolio of integrated packaging products from reusable plastic pallets and totes to bulk containers, dunnage and metal solutions, ORBIS looks to help its customers drive efficiency through reuse at every point along the supply chain, no matter the industry. In addition to standard and custom products, ORBIS offers support for conversions from single-use packaging to reusable packaging, as well as services to help companies manage packaging within their supply chain, for long-term effectiveness.

“As supply chains evolve, we’re committed to evolving along with them and delivering the products needed to keep up with today’s demands while reducing their impact on the planet,” said Bob Petersen, VP of marketing and product management at ORBIS. “At PACK EXPO, we look to showcase how our fully integrated solutions help companies get the most out of their packaging investment.

With today’s supply chain managers focused on sustainability, automated systems and electric vehicle part transport, the ORBIS booth will showcase a variety of reusable packaging solutions and programs to meet the needs of today’s automotive, e-commerce, primary packaging, retail, and food and beverage operations, including:

*       NEW 40×48 P3 pallet

The 40-inch-by-48-inch P3 pallet is a durable, lightweight, stackable hygienic packaging solution that integrates seamlessly with manual and automatic material handling equipment. Designed with a low-profile 5.1″ height, the P3 pallet optimizes truckload space and can be double-stacked in racking systems to maximize space. Optional steel reinforcements and grommets provide strength and improved stability to reduce load shifting and product damage. The plastic flow-through design reduces contaminated spaces and allows for easy cleaning. Plus, with a longer lifespan than wood, the P3 pallet provides unmatched sustainable advantages.

*       NEW XpressBulk(r) retail-ready merchandising trays

The XpressBulk retail-ready merchandising trays offer a sustainable, efficient replacement for the manual shelf replenishment process by allowing for a fast and easy transfer of product from the truck directly to the store floor. Engineered to simplify distribution and improve labor efficiency in a wide variety of applications, this packaging solution allows for seamless transport off the truck and right into the retail store. A sustainable replacement for cardboard boxed products in the supply chain, XpressBulk retail-ready merchandising trays help companies reduce their environmental footprint while improving their product handling.

*       NEW AROS(r) container for automated storage

The NEW ML6545-325 handheld container is part of the Automated Reusable Optimized Solutions (AROS) line designed for seamless integration into automated systems to facilitate the efficient transfer, storage and organization of merchandise. With the largest cubic density of any container in its standard footprint, the ML6545-325 handheld container provides an innovative design, compliant to FM Global Data Sheet 8-34, to ensure the container interfaces seamlessly with today’s high-speed systems. Complete with a variety of key features that optimize their use in automated storage systems, the AROS product line is designed for compatibility with a variety of automated system features, commonly found in e-commerce, retail and consumer packaged goods operations.

*       ORBIShield(r) protective dunnage for automotive and electric vehicle supply chains

ORBIShield dunnage is designed to protect unique vehicle parts during transit, assembly and storage using a variety of foam, rigid and fabric materials. Dunnage is customized to fit and protect parts in all types of packaging, including totes, bulk containers and metal racks. 

*       Custom, collapsible metal racks

Custom, collapsible racks combine the durability of steel with the flexibility of collapsing when parts have been unloaded. The collapsibility of these racks efficiently saves two to three times the space when empty, reducing the cost on return freights. Customized to different sizes and shapes and combined with different ORBIShield dunnage solutions, these metal racks are designed to meet the unique material handling and part shipment requirements of industrial, automotive and retail supply chains.

*       StakPak Plus(r) container

The StakPak Plus container adds various collar sizes to increase a container’s height to accommodate unique-shaped parts commonly found in the electric vehicle supply chain. These containers take all the best attributes of the traditional StakPak container, including reusability and cost savings, and combine them with customized heights to increase container capacity. In addition, all StakPak Plus totes are fully compatible with existing totes in the industry. Other products for the industrial supply chain also will be on hand, including the custom metal racks, the BulkPak(r) HDMP 4845 series and ESD-safe totes.

At PACK EXPO 2022, ORBIS will offer two presentations: 

*       Measuring the Environmental Impacts of Reusable Packaging in the Circular Economy, Using Life-Cycle Data; Oct. 24; 11:00 a.m.

        *       Speaker: Breanna Herbert, product manager
        *       Location: RPA Learning Center in Upper Lakeside Center

*       Managing Your Reusable Packaging to Drive Sustainability and Reliability; Oct. 25; 10:30 a.m.

        *       Speaker: Mike Garcia, marketing director
        *       Location: RPA Learning Center in Upper Lakeside Center

Visit ORBIS at PACK EXPO, Booth 6800, to learn more, or go to orbiscorporation.com