Perfotec Linerbag Aims to Provide Longer Shelf Life of Fresh Produce, at Sea or on the Road


The Corona crisis has had serious consequences for logistics. There is less air freight available. In Europe, road transport is subject to stricter controls at the borders, which leads to longer waiting times. In addition, traditional markets are more difficult to serve, so other markets are sought that are often further away. Keeping inventory and prices at the same level in today’s highly fluctuating supply and demand environment has become more complex. Counteracting food waste is an enormous challenge. PerfoTec offers a bulk packaging solution for transport and storage of the fresh produce, the PerfoTec LinerBag.


Storage and transport temperature management are critical. Generally the lower the temperature, the slower the metabolic processes that result in quality loss.

Packing in linerbags helps extend shelf life by minimizing dehydration of the product. This helps maintain the structure of the product.
If these linerbags are hermetically sealed, the initial headspace gas values, 21% oxygen (O₂) and 0.03% carbon dioxide (CO₂), will change. This is because all fresh produce breathes, consuming O₂ and producing CO₂. A lowered O₂ level significantly slows down the aging process, but if most of the O₂ in the bag has been used and converted into CO₂, the product will go anaerobic, resulting in off-flavors, taste and spoilage. Without sufficient oxygen, all chemical processes change and the product will no longer be consumable.

MAP linerbags
Lowering the O₂ level without developing anaerobic conditions is managed by Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technology. With a few microscopic holes in the liner bag, the O₂ can be lowered to a desired stable level. At this target O₂ level the aging processes are slowed, and shelf life is extended without product damage due to anaerobic conditions or an elevated level of CO₂.

A serious problem when using traditional MAP linerbags is temperature control and moisture management. When products breathe, water is also produced. This water vapour accumulates as droplets on the liner and on the product. This can create an ideal breeding ground for fungi and bacteria, resulting in spoilage.

PerfoTec LinerBag
To prevent formation of water dropletss, the PerfoTec LinerBag (MAP technology) is made of a special material with a high water vapour permeability. This ensures that, without the product drying out, the water vapour is released through the linerbag. As a result, the product remains dry in the PerfoTec LinerBag with considerably less chance of mould and bacteria development.

Another special feature of the PerfoTec LinerBag is its high CO₂ permeability. Thanks to this characteristic it is possible to achieve target low O₂ levels, while preventing excessive buildup of CO₂. By maintaining the optimal MAP conditions and avoiding an anaerobic environment, longer shelf life is achieved.

Tests show that the combination of a healthy fresh product, at the optimal storage temperature and a product-specific PerfoTec LinerBag, ensures freshness for a significantly longer period. This will reduce food waste and provide an opportunity to expand into new markets.

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