Potatoes USA Announces New Chairman, Mike Carter, to lead through 2023-2024

DENVER – Potatoes USA, the marketing and promotion Board for the potato industry, elected new leadership during its Annual Meeting on March 15, 2023. Mike Carter of Rosholt, Wisconsin, was named Chairman of the Board, leading the organization and the Executive Committee through 2023-2024.

Carter, a 25-year veteran in the potato industry and CEO and Co-Owner of Bushmans’ Inc., has contributed his expertise to the Board for a decade. Throughout his tenure, Carter has been a member of the Executive Committee for six years, taking on Co-Chair responsibilities for the International Marketing, Domestic Marketing, and Industry Outreach Committees.

Expressing appreciation for being elected as Chairman, Carter considers it to be a significant honor. While there’s a lot he looks forward to in the upcoming year, he is enthusiastic about developing a long-term strategy that will establish the direction and framework for the industry’s future amidst a rapidly changing global landscape.

He also commends Potatoes USA’s proactive approach to defending potatoes’ reputation and is eager to engage in discussions with the international potato community. One such opportunity is an upcoming visit to Poland, where he will connect with fellow growers to promote the advantages of potatoes on a global scale.

Carter’s unique background, including his past role as a state manager for a potato organization, equips him with a broad perspective and understanding of the industry. As he assumes responsibilities, he aims to continue fostering collaboration and teamwork within the industry.

“I don’t think there’s anything that we as an industry can’t accomplish when we work together. It will be critical that we maintain this philosophy,” Carter says when discussing the industry’s strength.

Apart from his contributions to Potatoes USA, Mike Carter serves on the Board of Directors for the Wisconsin State Potato Growers Association and actively participates in his church community. Outside of his work, Carter has a passion for curling and has jokingly earned a reputation as a “potato curling ambassador,” as he often finds himself in conversations spreading awareness about this fascinating activity.

In addition to Carter, Potatoes USA’s 2023-2024 Executive Committee members include:

  • Les Alderete of Monte Vista, Colorado, Co-Chair of the Domestic Marketing Committee
  • Trever Belnap of Hamen, Idaho, Co-Chair of the Research Committee
  • Jennifer Gogan of Houlton, Maine, Co-Chair of the Research Committee
  • Leah Halverson of Grand Forks, North Dakota, Co-Chair of the Domestic Marketing Committee
  • Jeff Jennings of Camden, North Carolina, Chair of the Finance & Policy Committee
  • Mike Larsen of Declo, Idaho, Co-Chair of the International Marketing Committee
  • Shelley Olsen of Othello, Washington, Co-Chair of the International Marketing Committee
  • Ed Staunton of Tulelake, California, Co-Chair of the Industry Outreach Committee
  • Dennis Wright of Kennewick, Washington, Co-Chair of the Industry Outreach Committee
  • Jason Davenport of Bakersfield, California, Past Chair

The Potatoes USA Board of Directors is the guiding force behind the organization’s efforts to promote and support the potato industry. Tasked with setting strategic goals and objectives, the Board allocates resources to marketing, research, and education. Additionally, the Board monitors the performance of these programs, adjusting as necessary to ensure their effectiveness and impact on the potato industry, including growers, processors, and other stakeholders.


About Potatoes USA
Potatoes USA is the national potato marketing and promotion board representing U.S. growers and importers. Potatoes USA, the largest vegetable commodity board, was established in 1971 by potato farmers to promote the benefits of eating potatoes. For more information on Potatoes USA’s mission to “Strengthen Demand for Potatoes,” visit PotatoesUSA.com.