Side Delights Petite Potatoes: The Latest Addition to Sterman Masser’s Potato Lineup

Sacramento, PA – Sterman Masser Potato Farms (Masser) will showcase their premium, newly re-designed Side Delights® Petite Potatoes line at both Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Innovations Tradeshow and in the New Product Showcase.  This year’s event is an opportunity to highlight innovative products that resonate with the post-COVID, return to normal shopping behaviors we see at retail today.

The annual tradeshow and conference highlight the latest innovations in the fresh produce industry, including new product developments, packaging technology, and unique brand approaches. Hitting on all three areas, Masser will showcase the 1.5lb and 3lb gusset bags of Side Delights® Petite potatoes.

Side Delights® Petite potatoes are premium U.S. No.1 grade potatoes available in Medley, Red, Yellow, Fingerling, Duo, and Purple potatoes. They are non-GMO, pre-washed, and consistently sized for fast, even cooking. These thin-skinned potatoes are similar in texture and flavor to larger-size potatoes, with more concentrated flavor and a shorter cooking time. They are ideal for quick cooking in the oven, grill, and popular air fryers.  They also reduce prep time since they can be prepared and served whole without peeling, slicing, or chopping.1

The new packaging design boasts contrasting colors between the bag and the potato to brighten the display and invite shopper exploration with a bold, clean, contemporary approach.  Side Delights® Petite potatoes are available in 1.5lb and 3lb stand-up gusset bags, various mesh pillow pack sizes, and 1lb netted pouch with wine bottle tag. All packages prominently display the potato type and the pack size for easy consumer shopping.

The global Potato market continues to grow, with an estimated market value of $9.6 Million in 2022 that is expected to reach $11.8 Million in 2028.2

“As consumer demand for potatoes continues to grow and their confidence cooking potatoes grow, we are proud to showcase our innovations again at the Southern Innovations show,” said Dave Masser, President of Sterman Masser. “We are particularly excited about the new product packaging of our petite potatoes and invite attendees to visit us at booth #503,” added Lela Reichart, Executive VP of Marketing of Sterman Masser.

Side Delights® potatoes are available in a full assortment of types and sizes, including convenience-oriented items like our Steamables, Bakeables, and Grillables, and fresh-cut items including our A Cut Above potatoes.


ABOUT MASSER FAMILY OF COMPANIES:  Founded in 1970 by Sterman Masser.  Sterman Masser, Inc. is a grower, packer, shipper of potatoes located in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.  In 1984 the business transitioned to Keith & Helen Masser.  In 2008 their son, David Masser, was named President of the company.  David was joined by his sister, Julie Masser-Ballay, in 2009 as Vice President of Administration.  Today, Sterman Masser, Inc.  employs more than 400 team members in agricultural, packaging, logistics, sales and customer service positions.  The farming operations expanded to 6,000 acres of potatoes and cash grains.  The potato packaging and warehouse operations pack and distribute over 350 million pounds of potatoes annually.  Sterman Masser, Inc. is part of the Masser Family of Companies that includes:  Masser Logistic Services, Keystone Potato Products, and Lykens Valley Grain.  Sterman Masser is also a founding member of Fresh Solutions Network (FSN).  FSN is the exclusive supplier of Side Delights® potatoes and onions.  FSN is a group of family-owned potato and onion growers and shippers who help fresh potato and onion buyers grow their categories, maximize category investment, and increase sales.