Side Delights Make Meatless Mondays Easy For Sustainably-Minded Shoppers With Popular Potato Products and Recipes

March 15, 2023 Fresh Solutions Network

Side Delights® delivers the delicious, nutritious, and sustainable meat alternatives shoppers seek. Meatless Mondays are making a return 20 years after the international movement was founded in 2003 to encourage people to increase the number of plant-based meals for their health and that of the planet.  

Side Delights Excited to Debut Savvy Spuds

February 28, 2023 Side Delights

“We invite attendees to visit us at booth #1047,” added Triou. “We will showcase our refreshed Side Delights packaging and new Savvy Spuds product line. Addressing the tight potato market, we launched Savvy Spuds now to ensure ALL good eating potatoes can find their way to dinner tables, despite looking slightly different.”

Side Delights Celebrates American Heart Month With Heart-Healthy Eating Options for Shoppers

February 16, 2023 Fresh Solutions Network

As new data shows that heart disease affects younger adults (35-64) more frequently, Side Delights® suggests heart-healthy eating changes that can reduce the conditions that put them at risk1.

Side Delights Starts 2023 Supporting Shoppers’ Small Kitchen Appliance Trends

January 18, 2023 Fresh Solutions Network

“A variety of foods can be cooked using small kitchen appliances, but delicious, affordable potato recipes can be prepared with almost all of them,” noted Kathleen Triou, President and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network. “As the economy and food costs continue to be a concern, with Side Delights® potatoes, shoppers save time and money with both purchases.”

As Grocery Costs Continue to Rise, Side Delights Shares Solutions for Upcycling Potato Peels

December 7, 2022 Fresh Solutions Network

The rising price of groceries is the leading obstacle for shoppers globally1. As consumers look for ways to contend with the prices, Side Delights® suggests the emerging trend of upcycling as an economical and sustainable solution. Upcycling is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, or unwanted products into new materials and is used for everything from packaging to produce.