Procurant Launches Farm Check

Procurant, a cloud-based software company transforming the global food supply chain, today announced the release of Procurant Farm Check, a mobile task management application for organizations that harvest, package, store and ship perishable goods. Farm Check brings visibility, automation and digital workflow to a range of critical processes related to the production and distribution of fresh food.

“There has been a longstanding need for more efficient, auditable operations all across the food supply chain, but until now the available solutions weren’t designed with the harvesting side of the food sector in mind,” said Kevin Brooks, Chief Marketing Officer, Procurant. “With Farm Check, we are making modern digital task management easier to adopt and use in one of the world’s most essential industries.”

Procurant Farm Check is a cloud-based application that runs on any mobile device. Designed for use by multi-lingual teams working in rugged environments such field harvesting, packing houses and warehouses, Farm Check provides clear guidance and checklists for users as they complete operational tasks.

Key features include:

  • Full administrative oversight across locations
  • Role-based permissions and checklist assignments
  • Storage of all tasks within the Procurant cloud
  • Unique schedule capabilities for any checklist
  • Corrective action alerts
  • Photo/Video/Audio capture with notes

The Procurant Farm Check application also includes a library of standard checklists covering areas such as:

  • Employee Check-ins
  • Visitor Logs
  • Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19
  • Pre-Harvest Field Conditions
  • Farm Daily Checks
  • Fence Inspections
  • Harvest Tool Cleaning
  • Field – Chlorine Water for Rinse
  • Field Harvesting Equipment Sanitation
  • Sanitation Logs for Restrooms
  • Field Harvesting Equipment & Transportation
  • Field Hand Wash Units
  • Product Identification and Temperature in the Field
  • Internal Transportation – Trailer Inspection at Receiving
  • Produce Disinfection
  • Product Identification and Temperature after Hydrocooler
  • Packing House Cleaning Crews
  • Packing Bin Wash Tanks
  • Packing Line – Sanitation
  • Shipping Reports
  • Driver Check-ins
  • At Shipment – Product Identification and Temperature
  • Receiving Reports

Procurant will host a free webinar to provide additional information and a demonstration of Farm Check on Wednesday, February 24 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. To register, go to:

For more information or to request a quote or private demonstration, visit