PROGNOSFRUIT 2023 to Take Place in Trentino, Italy, 2-4 August 2023 – Registration is Now Open

The Prognosfruit Conference is Europe’s leading annual event for the apple and pear sector, gathering growers from
across Europe and beyond. Following last year’s successful return as an in-person event, Prognosfruit 2023 will take
place in Trentino, Italy, from the 2nd to the 4th of August 2023. Registration is now open, and stakeholders and
journalists are welcome to register via the Prognosfruit website.

Prognosfruit, the leading annual event for the apple and pear sector, will take place in Trentino, Italy, from the 2nd to
the 4th of August 2023. Prognosfruit 2023 is organised by WAPA in cooperation with APOT (Associazione Produttori
Ortofrutticoli Trentini). Registration is now open on the Prognosfruit website.

Alessandro Dalpiaz (APOT) commented on the event’s return to Trentino: “We are honoured to host in Trentino the
most important international conference dedicated to apples and pears. Prognosfruit is certainly an important
opportunity to present to the participants the ability of an organised system to deal with environmental issues,
geopolitical crises, and market uncertainties. Prognosfruit also represents an occasion to bring the attention of the
participants to those understated yet relevant values of mountain areas, with their arts, traditions, stories, and
landscapes that attract and make millions of visitors think every year”.

Since 1976, Prognosfruit has released the annual forecast of apple and pear production for the upcoming season. This
year, the three-day event during which the report will be released will see representatives of the sector gather to discussthe Northern Hemisphere situation as well as global perspectives for apples and pears. Following the Prognosfruit Conference on August 3rd, the delegates will have the opportunity to participate in technical and cultural visits to Melinda’s Underground Warehouses, San Romedio Sanctuary, and Valer Castle.

WAPA Secretary General Philippe Binard stated: “Last year’s edition reminded us all how important Prognosfruit and its
three-day programme are for the apple and pear sector. Prognosfruit providesthe opportunity for the delegatesto meet up and discuss the latest developments and the future of the market, which is especially important in challenging times like the ones the sector is currently dealing with”.

The draft programme of Prognosfruit 2023 and the online registration form to attend the conference are both available
on the Prognosfruit website: