Sicar Farms’ Conservation Strategies Help it to be ‘Grown Green Every Day’

Sicar Farms has implemented enhancement strategies that advance environmental conservation.  These technologies result in a positive impact on humanity and promote renewable energy usage, as well as sustainable agricultural practices that support crop preservation.  Luis Gudino, CEO of SiCar Farms states, “We have a firm commitment to conservation, productivity and improvements to make this planet a healthier place now and for generations to come.”

Currently, SiCar Farms produces bio-repellents that help to biologically control pests.  Gudino adds, “By the use of organic inputs such as natural extracts, these inputs help to suppress the appetite of insects and provide mineral oils for good agricultural practices.   They actually help biological control of pests through other living organisms.  These processes introduce natural defenses into the agriculture and the pest are driven out by biological pest control.   We also utilize compost as natural fertilizers that are formed by composted manure and vegetable waste.  Vermicompost is created by earthworms and the use of leachate process where liquid nutrients are extracted and irrigated into the fields to improve the quality of the soil and nourish the growth of the plants.”  These techniques are used in all of SiCar Farms agriculture – both conventional and organic products. The nutrients for conventional products are mixed with compost and chemical fertilizers that are slowly released into the agriculture. For the organic products, nutrients are introduced through compost without any type of chemical fertilizers. By creating these natural environments within the farms, SiCar Farms has also introduced proliferation of 500 beehives that help in the pollination process. Due to these proven effective techniques and good agricultural practices, SiCar Farms yields steady, sustainable and quality supply of products to meet and supersede customers’ requirements.

One of SiCar Farms packaging facilities is located in Veracruz, Mexico and is the first warehouse to be fully operated by solar energy.   The amount of solar energy generated varies depending on weather conditions, however on average 38 MWh to 45MWh per month will be generated (1MWh = 1000 KWh). This system is designed to generate the amount of energy necessary to fully operate the packing facility and reduce up to 70% actual energy consumption.   Gudino states, “Our packing facility in Veracruz, already has 972 solar panels and is the first of this type of renewable energy in the area.  We have other packing houses throughout Mexico, specifically one in Colima, one in Jalisco, one in Michoacán as well as the one we have here in McAllen.  Our goal is to have 100% sustainable operations in all five facilities with solar energy by 2021.”

SiCar Farms use of biodegradable materials and recyclable materials is an important objective to be eco-friendly to reduce the carbon footprint.  SiCar Farms is in process of changing their packaging materials to new sustainable materials made from corn that will have a durability of 60 to 90 days.  Gudino adds, “Our use of biodegradable packing will have a positive impact on reducing the usage of plastic materials.”

Through these strategies SiCar Farm’s goal is to reduce the impact to our environment and go “Grupo Gudino Ochoa” Grown Green every day.